Driftless cardigan v.1


If there’s one item in my wardrobe that I couldn’t be without, it’s cardigans. I own, er, over 20 of them. So I’ve been keen to make the Driftless cardigan pattern from Grainline Studio ever since it came out. However, sourcing the right type of knit proved difficult as most shops stock jersey that is more suited to t-shirts and tops. I really wanted some merino wool jersey but not on my budget.


I eventually found this polyester knit from Mr Fabric in Lewisham which has sadly shut down. It was in a box of random scraps and was a bargain at £6 for 2 meters. The fabric has a lot of drape and is off-white on the reverse. It didn’t have the right amount of stretch for the pattern but I thought I’d wing it as the style is oversized.


I cut out a size 8 and took 1.5″ from bodice pieces and 1″ from the sleeves. I had read that the sleeves are on the tight side but such was my eagerness to sew something at long last that I ignored this. So naturally the sleeves did turn out a little snug and could do with being graded up a size. If my fabric had more stretch, I think I would’ve got away with it.


The finish is also very neat with bands finishing the cuffs, hem and neckline. Oh yes, the neckline. This pattern should come with a warning that the neckline requires copious amounts of hand stitching. I read one blogger did it in 20 mins but it took me 1.5 hours and I don’t think I’m especially slow.

Despite this minor point, I love everything about this cardi especially the deep pockets and shaping. Plus the light grey will co-ordinate well with other separates. I’ll be making more versions of this and it would make a fab jacket if made in a slightly heavier fabric.

P.S. Eagle eyed viewers may notice a new backdrop. I’ve moved house, hence the months of radio silence. So it’s goodbye horrible orange pine wardrobe and hello balcony!

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3 Responses to Driftless cardigan v.1

  1. kathryn says:

    This looks great, and the deep pockets look so practical! I love cardigans too, especially with pockets. I didn’t think there would be any hand-stitching on a pattern like that as I usually think bands make a knit item a much faster make!

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