Reflections and goals for 2017

Last year was all about slow sewing and I finished twenty items, far fewer than 2015 when I was on a mission to blitz my UFOs. I didn’t take on a grand project as I wanted to sew simple and easy to fit patterns after making my first coat last year.

I sewed quite a few patterns back to back as I wanted to refine the next iteration whilst the last make was still fresh in my mind. There were lots of repeats: 5 Linden sweatshirts, 2 Bettine dresses, 2 Maritime tops and 2 Mathilde blouses. I can’t get enough of that Linden pattern and have just made another in a luscious Liberty fleece (to be blogged). The Bettine is another hit and it’s my favourite summer dress.

I’ve got better at sewing things I want to wear and have worn everything I’ve made this year several times. There was only one dud so good going there. So how did I do against my sewing goals?

  1. Sew a holiday wardrobe – I made a couple of tops for my holiday to Seville so that’s a tick.
  2. Sew skirts – I only managed to finished a Chardon skirt. Not sure why I hit a wall with skirts as they aren’t hard to sew.
  3. Sew casual dresses – Tick! But I didn’t get round to making an Inari or Alder. My wardrobe is crying out for these dresses!
  4. Sew more solids – I made only three items. Prints win hands down.
  5. Sew from stash – Most of my makes were sewn from my stash. Great. But I also bought over 30 pieces of fabric last year. Not great. So I’m allowing myself to buy fabric for toiling or solids next year. I’m also thinking of have a Kondo-style cull as some pieces go way back and my tastes have changed.

I’m going to repeat three goals, namely two, four and five, so my additional goals for 2017 are:

Sew a perfect tee

I want to improve how I sew knits. I’ve discovered a lightning stitch gives a better finish on knits and that going over a zig zag with a straight stitch stops the ladder effect on the right side. I’ve just bought some wooly nylon and want to give this a go with a twin needle. Combined with this goal is to hack existing patterns to produce my perfect tee. My plan is to experiment with the Renfrew, Plantain and Tonic tees.

Revisiting old patterns

Rather than sewing the latest pattern release or jumping to the next new project, I want to revisit some old patterns. These include the SOI Ultimate trousers to perfect the fit, Simplicity 2451, as this is a fab skirt pattern and the Mimi blouse, as my current viscose version is coming away at seams due to over zealous grading.

Keep a sewing diary

I’m going to keep a notebook by my sewing machine to record changes I’ve made and to note things I’d do differently next time. This will help to refresh my memory when I have a break in the making process and stop me repeating mistakes.

I like making sewing goals as it helps to keep me focused. I’d be sewing lots of dresses I’d never wear otherwise. I’m still working on my #2017makenine shortlist as naturally I want to sew ALL the patterns. I only finished three on my list last year but it’s good to have goals. My #2017makenine will be aspirational rather than a must sew list. Happy sewing everyone.








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2 Responses to Reflections and goals for 2017

  1. Kathryn says:

    What a productive and successful sewing year you’ve had! I love your lindens, and your Bettines, it looks like a perfect summer dress. I’d recommend the Inari, it’s a brilliant pattern.

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