Toaster sweater 2 in stripes

My grey toaster sweater has been in constant rotation since I made it and I wanted to make another straightaway. I found the perfect fabric for my second version rummaging through a box of pre-cut samples from Mr Fabric in Lewisham. I bought two other pieces of fabric from the same shop and they also came from this box of treasures.

Most of the fabrics had fibre content labels so I guess they were fashion industry samples. The fibre label confirmed my suspicions that it was completely synthetic. It’s made of nylon, polyester and elastane, so highly flammable then! It melted whilst I was pressing it but fortunately the damage was only slight. The fabric is actually navy and white but looks black in photos. It also has a lovely textured finish.

I cut a small for this iteration as my last one was a bit roomy. I also lengthened the bodice by 3 cm and took 7 cm off the sleeves at the lengthen/shorten line. Last time I shortened the sleeve at the cuff so it didn’t taper at the wrist. I also sewed down the vent by an extra 3.5 cm which makes the back hang closer to the body. I applied Pellon Knit-n-Stable tape to all the edges that I planned to overlock as I was wary of my fabric getting chewed up by the overlocker. This stuff is amazing and my fabric did not get sucked into the dog teeth.

I absolutely love the fit of this sweater and it’s great for Spring. I tend to give synthetic fabrics a wide berth but can report I’m not overheating in it. I prefer the closer fit of this version and the length is just right. Sewing down the vent by a few centimetres has made all the difference and it doesn’t gape as much. I’m so pleased to have discovered another TNT pattern. I might hack the neckline and make it a boat neck version next time. The hunt continues for more sweater knits.

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4 Responses to Toaster sweater 2 in stripes

  1. Kathryn says:

    This is gorgeous! I love the look of that textured fabric too! I’ve got some green/white striped fabric earmarked for a toaster 2 so I think I’ll be using your tip about sewing the vent down further to make it sit closer as I prefer a closer fit too.

    • You can’t go wrong with stripes! Yes, the vent is quite high so makes the back swing out. I don’t need to wear a camisole with this one as the vent is lower. Your green/white fabric sounds fab.

  2. Such a great sweater! Fab stripe matching.

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