1920s Jazz age exhibition at FTM museum



This is another show stopper of an exhibition from the Fashion and Textile Museum. There are over 100 costumes on display in this beautifully curated exhibition.




Women’s dress changed dramatically in the twenties with clothing becoming less restrictive. Flashing your ankle was no longer considered scandalous by the mid twenties. The exhibition features floaty day dresses, glitzy evening wear and sportwear. Some dresses are displayed flat so you can get a closer look at the intricate embroidery. I love fashion from this period, it’s so glamorous. Just look at the lounge wear!


Dotted amongst the costume notes were excepts from novels by F. Scott Fitzgerald, including a memorable passage from one of my favourite books, The Great Gatsby. This was an inspired touch as it made the scenes and costumes come to life. You can just picture Daisy Buchanan in one of these dresses.



Home sewing became increasingly popular during the twenties with the widespread availability of paper patterns. Dressmaking magazines also featured the latest styles. There’s a fascinating timeline in the exhibition which documents how fashion changed over the decade. The show is on till mid January.



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2 Responses to 1920s Jazz age exhibition at FTM museum

  1. Trish says:

    Thanks for the photos. The exhibition looks wonderful!

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