Oliver & S bucket hat and birdhouse dress


I love sewing presents for kids as the finished makes are so diddy and cute. I made this hat using the reversible bucket hat pattern from Oliver and S. This is an easy pattern and it’s FREE.


I made a small and hope this is the right size for a 2-year-old. I guessed the age with a rough calculation. Anyone else bad at remembering how old friend’s kids are?


I wanted to make a dress to match the hat and used this NL 6578 toddler pattern I’d sewn before. If you want to make a present for a little girl in a jiffy this is your go-to pattern. I think this took less time than the hat which involves some hand sewing. The size here is a 2.


It’s easy to get a professional finish with this pattern if you don’t have an overlocker. I french seamed the side seams and the bodice facing takes care of the neckline and armholes. I used a different fabric for the facing as I love to contrast prints. I only got the overlocker out to finish the edge of the facing but a narrow fold works too.


The fabrics are quilting weight cottons from Saeeds Fabrics in Walthamstow. They have a great selection of children’s fabrics. Unfortunately, I passed by a few other fabric shops on the way to the station and picked up some goodies for myself. Sorry not sorry!



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6 Responses to Oliver & S bucket hat and birdhouse dress

  1. Lynsey says:

    They are gorgeous, I love the fabric and I’m sure they will look cute on together.

  2. Kathryn says:

    These are so gorgeous, what lovely present to receive! I love this hat pattern too. I’ve got two cut out at the moment but by the time I sew them up summer might be over! I’ve never looked at the children’s fabric in Saeeds, I will have a look next time I’m in, thanks (or maybe I shouldn’t be thanking you for fabric enabling!)

    • The hat doesn’t take too long to make. Yes the back room has lots of fun quilting fabrics with some great prints for kids. Much better than somewhere like John Lewis and cheaper too.

  3. Great makes, especially the hat.

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