GBSB casual trousers


SAM_7108On top of wearing an item of handmade everyday in May, I challenged myself to make a pair of trousers by the end of the month. I confess I had intended to make a Burda pattern but the toile was an abomination and required far too many changes. So for plan B, I went with this easy pattern which I finished just before the last day of May, yay!


It’s the trouser part of the jump suit from the Great British Sewing Bee’s Fashion with Fabric book. Same pattern with just a lower cutting line for the waist. The trousers were a straightforward sew and I made very few changes to the pattern. I pegged the trousers too much, so they’re a bit tight round my calves and will stick to the original stitch line next time. I eyeballed the pattern placement and it looks great from the front but was a bit tardy with the back. But it’s at the back so out of sight and mind!


These trousers were a quick sew and I love this pull on elasticated style. Funny how tastes change. I used to associate elasticated trousers with frumpsville, polyester and beige.


I wanted a light pair of holiday trousers and used this graphic print viscose from my stash. They are perfect holiday wear and the only thing missing from them are pockets. I’m glad I got round to sewing this pattern as it’s been on my to sew list since I got the book last year. It’s now a TNT. Who knew that quick sew trouser patterns existed! I’m planning more iterations in solids for work.


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4 Responses to GBSB casual trousers

  1. Lynsey says:

    Lovely trousers, fab funky print and fit really well. I’ve not yet sewn trousers but this looks like a good starting point.

  2. Kathryn says:

    These look so good and, as I said on Instagram, I’m planning the same make, with the same fabric! I hope mine look as good as yours! I’m tempted to add pockets but I’m not sure it would work in this light fabric without pulling them down too much?

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