Me Made May 2016


Self drafted skirt

I thought I’d write a post on #mmmay16 as it’s helpful to document what worked and what didn’t for next time. I challenged myself to wear an item of handmade clothing everyday AND make a pair of trousers by the end of May. I’m pleased to say I accomplished both, pause for fist pump moment. Check out Instagram to see more of what I wore.


Bettine and self drafted Mexican oil cloth bag

Being on Instagram made it so much easier to document my daily outfits. I also loved getting feedback and seeing what everyone was wearing. I failed to complete Me Made May last year as I couldn’t be bothered taking photos for the blog. I know it’s not about the pictures but documenting it on IG did help me finish.


BHL Victoria Jacket and SOI Ultimate trousers

I tried not to have too many repeats and wore stuff that doesn’t normally get a lot of love. I fell in love with a few oldies and have made mental notes to revisit some patterns. That’s the genius of MMMay, you often rediscover old gems as well as the gaps in your wardrobe.


Simplicity 2451 – must make more!

So how did I find it? I have a wardrobe full of me made clothes so it wasn’t hard to find something to wear each day. I’ve ventured into making trousers and outerwear so there was more variety this time round. I’ve added Lindens to my arsenal of Plantains and Renfrews for weekend wear. I didn’t wear many me-made outfits as my wardrobe is a riot of print and colour so definitely need to sew more solids. I wore over 20 tops so need to sew more bottoms.


Port Elizabeth top – was a bit meh about this but it got a lot of likes on IG

The patterns I want to revisit are Simplicity 2451 skirt, Simplicity 2418 cowl top and the Lisette Portfolio top. I really enjoyed the challenge this year and will definitely do it again. How did MMMay go for you?


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2 Responses to Me Made May 2016

  1. kathryn says:

    That’s great you achieved both your aims for the month! You have a lovely hand-made wardrobe, and it’s nice to rediscover older makes isn’t it? I really enjoyed taking part this year and realised I wear me-mades most days, which was a nice surprise.

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