Linden sweatshirt fail


The Linden sweatshirt is such a classic wardrobe staple it seems obligatory to sew it sooner or later. I’ve had this pattern for over a year but it’s taken a while to find sweatshirt fabric that I like. I prefer light loopback knits over the fleecy stuff but it’s hard to find.


This was my first time using a Grainline pattern and I made no changes to the pattern. It’s rare for a pattern to fit perfectly straight out the envelope. The sweatshirt has a sleek modern fit with tapered sleeves and close fitting bodice. I made a size 6 and didn’t even have to shorten the bodice, an alteration I almost always have to do.


But despite all this, my Linden was a big fat fail. Why? Cos I ended up stretching the neckline whilst attaching the ribbing and it gapes. My ribbing is super stretchy too so with the benefit of sewing hindsight, I should have shortened it a little before sewing it in.


I tried steaming the life out of the neckline in the hope of flattening out the gape but to no avail. I have more jersey knits destined to be Lindens, so hopefully my next one will be a success.




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7 Responses to Linden sweatshirt fail

  1. ohh, how frustrating. Could you cut off the offending stretched out neckline and reapply a new, wider rib at a better length?

  2. That’s a bummer, least you know the pattern fits you perfectly for next time.

  3. Julie says:

    What a shame, we’ve all been there with the one that was going so well then fell at the last hurdle. The next one will be ace!

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