Top 5 misses

So what were the duds of 2015? I know pretty quickly if I’m not going to wear something and am ruthless about getting rid, especially in this post Kon-mari world. Yes I’m a Konvert and am doing The Great Big Tidy.


#1 Vintage wrap skirt

I made this for the Vintage pattern pledge. I’ve since decided wrap skirts aren’t for me and the fabric is a bit cheap. It went to the charity shop.


#2 Lady skater dress

Should’ve done a full bust adjustment for this and it’s way too short. Gifted to my sister.

#3 Mandy boat tee

The changes I made to the pattern completely distorted it, leaving a top that’s too short and gapes at the back. This annoyed me the few times I wore it. It no longer lives in my wardrobe.

# 4 New Look vest 6863

The African wax fabric hasn’t grown on me. Plus the straps are too far apart and it’s too tight. Never worn.


#5 Simplicity 2418

This pattern was also in my Top 5 but this linen iteration went so wrong I abandoned it. Bad fabric choice let me down here.

So all in all nothing too hideous, just items that I felt meh about the moment I put them on. Stay tuned for reflections, highlights and goals.







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11 Responses to Top 5 misses

  1. brawhem says:

    Well done for donating and gifting. I KonMari’d my wardrobe a while back, but it’s hard getting rid of things you’ve personally made. I’m planning on covering a bit of KonMari in my blog later in the year.

    • Yes I hate waste and always make the effort to visit the charity shop. I’ve since found out Traid, a UK textile charity will collect from your home. Certain shops are accepting items like good condition underwear, socks and shoes for refugees. I’m gonna give my unworn shoes a better home. Look forward to reading about your clean up.

  2. Very matter of fact! I like how you’ve found a new home for everything!

  3. Kathryn says:

    I never used to like giving things I’ve made to charity shops but like you, I started being a bit more ruthless in 2015 and have found it very satisfying! I hadn’t thought of donating fabric and hand-sewn clothes to Traid – I’ll need to check and see where my nearest one is.

    • We’ve got a Traid recycle bin near us that I put scraps of fabric in. Unless the sewing is really shoddy or it’s half made, it goes to the charity shop. Hate the thought of it going to landfill.

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