FO: Ultimate trousers v.2


This pattern should come with a warning, it’s seriously addictive! On finishing my second pair, I wanted to make a third straight away. The reason being that not only is this pattern a joy to sew, I’m so nearly there with the fit.


I felt my first pair could be more fitted, especially around the back and thighs and wanted the legs to taper in more. So for this iteration, I took a wedge out of the CB seam and tapered the side seams down from the hips to the ankle. This pair fits much better than my first attempt and I prefer the tapered silhouette of this version. I was having a fat day when I made my first and the waistband is a bit roomy.


The fabric, a mid-weight cotton, was a dream to sew with. It presses beautifully and has a pleasing textured weave with a slight stretch. I’m not one for patterned trousers but there’s something about this pattern that draws you to print. I now have two patterned trousers in my wardrobe and they are both Ultimate trousers.


When I say I’m nearly there with the fit, I just need to do a front and rear crotch adjustment. I had a very helpful comment from Amy about how to improve the fit on my first pair. Sadly I’d already cut out my second pair so it was too late to do the crotch adjustment. I’m hoping to nail it on my third go.

Sew Over It’s Ultimate trouser pattern has conquered my fear of making trousers. I have a Burda trouser pattern on my to sew list. It’s a side zip style. Baby steps, I’m not ready for a front fly just yet!

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