FO: Self drafted pencil skirt


I bagged this funky fabric at a House of Hackney sample sale last year. House of Hackney is an interiors brand but they do clothing too. The fabric was a steal; I paid £2 for this remnant. It’s a double faced knit and spongy like neoprene. The underside of the print is marl grey. I had intended to use it for a Linden sweatshirt but decided against it as the fabric is a little stiff and doesn’t drape like regular jersey. I was stumped as to what to do with it but then I noticed lots of jersey and neoprene pencil skirts in the shops.


This skirt was was a quick sew and I made it in an afternoon. I used a pencil skirt pattern to get a rough shape, sewed up the side seams and checked the fit. As I was using a woven pattern, I knew I’d be taking more off the side seams to compensate for the stretch in the jersey. Once I was happy with the fit and shape of the skirt I overlocked some wide elastic to the waist and turned this over to form a waistband. This was the technique used in the RTW versions.

SAM_6482I made this skirt back in the summer and it’s remain unblogged as I’ve only got round to wearing it. I wore it this weekend and the double faced knit blocked out the chilly weather nicely. Another reason why I haven’t worn it is because it doesn’t go with anything in my wardrobe. Nevertheless I really like the print and will be sewing some solid crop tops to go with it.


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2 Responses to FO: Self drafted pencil skirt

  1. It’s fabulous print!! It doesn’t need to go with anything. It’s a statement all by itself! Lovely!

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