FO: Raglan sleeve top NL6225

SAM_6461I’ve been meaning to make some dressy tops, so I can look like I’ve made an effort with very little effort. We’re already talking about Christmas lunches and parties at work, so time to work on those wardrobe gaps.


This poly has a slight sheen and fits the bill nicely. Isn’t this fabric gorgeous? It’s from The Man Outside Sainsburys. Honestly, I think the best place to buy fabrics in London is Walthamstow. Most of my stash is from here. Saturday is the best day to visit as all the stalls are out, including my favourite, TMOS. Other good places for dress fabrics are the Textile Centre and Saeeds, both on the same street. I’ve even spotted Zara fabric in the Textile Centre.


The colours of this floral print are so vibrant and the hot pink trim goes so well with the royal blue. I made the bias tape from wool crepe scraps bought in a sample sale for 50p! Being poly, the top has a nice drape to it and doesn’t cling for once.



I used NL 6225, view B and cut a size 10. I made minimal changes to the pattern and just shortened the hem by 2 inches. I also shortened the sleeves by an inch or two. The finished top fits well but I’ll cut a size 12 next time as I’d like more ease. This pattern is so versatile, I can see many more iterations. I have plans for a colour blocked version and adding lace to the mix would look cute too. It’s definitely a TNT for me.

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3 Responses to FO: Raglan sleeve top NL6225

  1. Debra says:

    Really pretty top and your planned versions sound good. I like Walthamstow for fabric too, although I worry about where the fabric comes from, especially the cheap stuff. When I ask I tend to get a blank look and these days I’ve decided to be a lot more picky.

  2. I love the print and how it looks like it’s embroidered. Good find.

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