Sew Over It class – Ultimate trousers

SAM_6444Ta dah! I’ve made a pair of trousers thanks to the Ultimate trousers course at Sew Over it. I haven’t done a sewing class for ages and treated myself, especially as it was 20% off at the time. I really enjoyed the class which was held over 2 evenings. It was well thought out and the tutor, Julie was lovely and good making sure everyone was occupied. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a sewing class, twiddling your thumbs with nothing to do. Not only did I learn how to fit a pair of side zip trousers, I also learnt lots of other useful tips such as inserting tape to the waistband to prevent it from stretching out and how best to sew a concealed zip. In fact I did my best ever concealed zip on this course.


In the first session we tried on ready made toiles which did away with the guess work on which size fitted. It saved on the prep time too. I tried on a 10, but it was tight around the tum, so I went with the 12. We cut our patterns and fabric and overlocked each piece. It was a busy 3 hours but I thought the pace was just right. I managed to get in some sewing too. We were told to leave the side seams unsewn so they could be pinned up for fitting.


In the second and last session we continued fitting and sewing our trousers and transferred changes to our pattern. I used a concealed zipper foot for the first time and it makes zip insertion so easy. I usually use a normal zip foot but now I’m a convert. I just about finished my trousers and only had a bit of hand stitching to do at home. The rest of the class were nearly there too with facings and hemming to do.


If you are new to making trousers, I’d recommend this course. My trousers turned out just how I wanted. I love the funky print and slim fit. If I’m being picky, I think there is still a bit of work to do at the back but I’m pretty close. The other trousers I saw in the class looked really good too. Now that I have a TNT pattern, I’ll be setting up a production line to make more!

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14 Responses to Sew Over It class – Ultimate trousers

  1. melziemakes says:

    I love them! They look like they fit really well

  2. Bekki Hill says:

    They look like a really good fit. Well done. Love the fabric too 🙂

  3. Lovely fabric and great fit. I did the course earlier this year and can’t recommend it enough!

  4. Nina says:

    They look fantastic!!!

  5. Emma says:

    I’ expectations been meaning to do this course for a while now, really hope I’ll get it in before Christmas!

  6. amy says:

    These look great and the fabric pattern is amazing! I wonder if the teacher didn’t have enough time, though? If you wanted, you could tweak the pattern next time with a front crotch and a rear end adjustment – they would take care of the front frown lines and the fabric pooling under your bottom, drawing all that extra fabric up so it wasn’t puckering at the top of your legs. You’re obviously a much nicer shape than the pattern allows for! 🙂 Anyway, I’ve had to do a LOT of adjustments for myself and my clients, so I spot these things quickly. This page has some great pics: And kudos on the side zip – personally I think it’s hard to get a smooth application, and yours is beautiful.

    • Thanks so much for the fitting tips. I’m onto my second iteration but will give the crotch adjustments a go on my third. That post is fascinating and the pictures are great.

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