Cataloguing my stash


I have a modest stash and store my fabric in a cupboard and a few plastic boxes. So I’m forever going through my fabric to see what I’ve got. I used to keep a spreadsheet of all my fabric but it was getting out of date as who wants to use Excel when they’re out of the office. I’ve seen some sewists use index cards and found the perfect box for 6×4 inch index cards – it’s actually a caddy for the BEST tea ever.

I cut a swatch of fabric and staple it to each card so I have a visual reference. As well as yardage, I like to make a note of price and where it came from. I plan to add project ideas too when I have a spare moment. I’ve grouped my fabrics by type, e.g. jerseys, cottons and voiles (anything drapey goes in here). I have A LOT of prints and very few solids. Hmmm an excuse to go shopping methinks! Anyone else have a system for organising their stash?

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6 Responses to Cataloguing my stash

  1. Janey says:

    I use an app called Snupps to list all fabric I have as well as patterns. It’s really good for when I’m commuting to work and want to plan what I make next and want to know what I have in the stash. It’s also good for when you’re fabric shopping and need to quickly look up how much fabric to buy for a certain pattern. I’ve found it really useful – I’m surprised that not many other sewists use it. You can lurk other people’s lists too if they’ve made it public.

  2. Trish says:

    Your index card idea sounds perfect. Thanks for giving me a push to tidy my stash.

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