Made up initiative -70’s dress re-fashion


I chose to re-fashion an old dress of my mum’s for my Made Up Initiative pledge. She’d given it to me last Christmas and I had a vague idea that it could be a skirt. I’m dead chuffed with how this turned out as I was a bit dubious about the purple wool brocade. But often something magical happens when needle and thread come together and I absolutely love this little skirt. Here’s what it looked like before. Talk about top to toe coverage, it came down to Mum’s ankles!


The dress is something she had custom made and the innards are skilfully hand finished. There is a lot of hand sewing going on.


Arm hole binding


Neckband facing



I cut a front and back piece for the skirt, loosely basing it around a rub off pattern I’d made for this skirt and sewed up the side seams. I added darts to the back as the front piece fitted ok. I then fitted the skirt again, taking in a bit more around the side seams. Although the skirt is wool, I didn’t need to add lining as the dress was completely underlined.



I decided to add a piece of ribbon to face the waistband, as this reduced bulk and did away with having an itchy wool facing against the skin.


I arranged the pattern so I could make use of the original hem which is nice and deep. In keeping with the vintage theme, I inserted a hand picked lapped zip.



The fabric is made of woven purple, violet and orange threads. It also has silver metallic threads running through it too. I wasn’t sure about the pattern or the colours but it’s grown on me. It’s a skirt I’ll be wearing a lot this autumn. It’s been fun taking part in this challenge and I hope Karen raises lots of money for the National Literacy Trust.

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4 Responses to Made up initiative -70’s dress re-fashion

  1. kathryn says:

    wow that is some coverage on the original dress, and what beautfiul hand-sewing! That fabric is gorgeous and I imagine it will be perfect for Autumn.

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