Made Up Initiative – my pledge

didyoumakethatYou are probably aware of this wonderful fundraising idea from Karen at Didyoumakethat and maybe taking part already. The challenge is to make something by September 10th in support of  the National Literacy Trust, a charity which aims to raise literacy levels in the UK. Reading for me is one of life’s pleasures. I struggled with reading at primary school but thanks to dedicated teachers, I moved on from simple first readers to mini novels. A visit to the library soon became a weekly event and I quickly devoured the complete works of Enid Blyton!


All you have to do to make a donation is go to the Just Giving page. I’m pledging to re-fashion this vintage dress belonging to my mum. I’ve been given permission to cut it up. Which is just as well as it won’t go over my head or above my hips. Mum was super skinny when she had this dress custom made. Re-fashioning isn’t something I do much of so I’m looking forward to the challenge.

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