Unselfish sewing – GBSB tee and batwing top


Great British Sewing Bee top

I very rarely sew for other people and if I do it’s usually a baby gift. However my sister had a big birthday coming up so I decided to make something for her. She’s also the person who patiently takes blog photos for me, so it was time to give back.

SAM_6051  SAM_6050

I went with two patterns, the Great British Sewing Bee top from the first book and my hacked bat wing top. Both have a loose fit and are quick to sew. She also fits the same size in RTW, so I didn’t need to worry too much about fit.


Batwing top

I used some fabric I’d recently bought that she’d admired so I knew the prints were to her taste. The batwing top is made with floral jersey and the graphic print top is a poly crepe. I love the abstract print and have enough meterage to make something for myself.



She always drops hints about me sewing something for her and both presents went down a storm. She’s modelling them in the pictures you see. Anyone else doing any unselfish sewing?

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6 Responses to Unselfish sewing – GBSB tee and batwing top

  1. Debra says:

    They both look great, lucky sister. The last unselfish sewing I did was for my sister too. It was a leather bag and it nearly gave me heart failure – you can’t rip those seams out. I’ve just about got over it and my mum wants a bra so that will be my next unselfish project.

  2. kathryn says:

    These are both lovely, lucky sister! My only unselfish sewing is for my son though my husband keeps asking when i’m going to make something for him!

    • Ha ha ha. My partner does the same! But I can’t bring myself to make men’s clothes. Shirts take way too long and I’m not interested in making t shirts. I’d make a tie but he doesn’t need to wear them!

  3. Janey says:

    Both of these are great, particularly love the print of the tshirt. I’ve just spent yesterday making a Bettine for my sister’s birthday today (still need to stitch the buttons on!) and then I’ve got another sister’s birthday that I’m also making a Bettine for in a couple of weeks. I have considered keeping the dress I made yesterday for myself cos I love the print but that’s just mean isn’t it?!

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