FO: Love Sewing Kimono top

I’ve been on a sewing break as my employment situation has been a bit up and down this year. I feel guilty about sewing when there’s job hunting to be done. But things have settled down now so (fingers crossed) I can get back to my machine.
This kimono top came in really handy on a recent holiday to Spain. Temperatures reached the high 30s and I wore it all the time to prevent sun burnt shoulders. I used a pretty floral print viscose brought from the Man outside Sainsburys. I love the bold print and it looks fab made into a kimono.
The pattern is from Love Sewing magazine issue 5 and was a breeze to sew up. The front, back and sleeves are all rectangles. I decided to taper in the sleeves at the under arm seam as they were a bit too flappy for my liking. I also took a bit off the length as I was short on fabric. These kimono tops are everywhere at the moment and it’s great to be able to make my own. As it’s so quick to make and the sizing is quite forgiving, it’s perfect for a present. The pattern comes in different sizes and I made a small.
My hand made hat from last summer also had an outing. Don’t you just love clashing prints and wearing hand made on your holidays.
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4 Responses to FO: Love Sewing Kimono top

  1. sew easy says:

    I have discovered your blog by serendipity and I can see lot of beautiful things! Your kimono is just gorgeous, it’s on my to-do-list too. As you wrote it is the trendy piece to wear this year:)
    I only need to find the appropriate fabric for that!

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