New Look 6578 Red rover toddler dress


I get such a kick out of making children’s clothes. Fun fabric, miniature pattern pieces and the finished result is super cute. This dress is a gift for a dog mad friend who is visiting soon with her small family. I sewed most of it on Sunday, the last day of Kid’s Clothes Week. The theme is Wild things so I think this fits!

Isn’t the fabric fantastic? It’s called Red Rover from Cloud 9. I saw it on the Village Haberdashery’s website and just had to buy it for this project. The other fabrics in the Small World collection are equally scrummy. It’s designed by the super talented Rae Hoekstra from Made by Rae.  The collection isn’t just for kids. I think Red Rover would make a cool Moss mini. Here’s the Up so high print as a Moss mini.

Small World Moss Skirt

Source: Made by Rae

The fabric is a super soft fine needle cord and a delight to sew with. I love the gingham facing which contrasts so well with the red. I bought the white buttons from The Button Queen in London, one of those quaint step back in time shops.



NL 6578 is a very simple pattern that takes no time at all to make. I like the A-line shape of the dress and the giant buttons. The pattern goes from 6 months to age 4. I made a size 3 ready for bubba to grow into it.


I’m very pleased with the finish of the button holes. I hardly ever sew anything with button holes so it was a big deal sewing these giant ones. Fortunately my new Janome computerised sewing machine took all the guesswork out of sewing them. I just had to fiddle with the button hole foot.


Anyone else sewing kids clothes at the moment? I’ve also finished a baby dress made from some delicious Liberty tana lawn – post on its way.

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4 Responses to New Look 6578 Red rover toddler dress

  1. Abigail says:

    Super cute dress, the fabric is so cute! I like kids clothes just because they prints are more fun than adult fabric.

  2. kathryn says:

    Aw what a cute dress! I fell for that fabric too but am still deciding what to do with it. I sewed up some t-shirts for KCW and had great fun doing it! Did you buy enough of the fabric to make yourself something too?!

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