FO: Burda young 7148 sweatshirt


I wanted a quick sew project for instant sewing gratification after finishing all my UFOs. So I opted to make a sweatshirt using Burda 7148. The fabric is bog standard sweatshirt fleece bought from Goldhawk Road. It’s super snug but as it’s warmed up proper here not well timed!

I made view B omitting the skirt part of the pattern, although I do like the sweater dress variation and will give that a go in the future. I also like the kangaroo pockets which are great for cold hands but left this out as I wanted a simple top.


I didn’t toile the pattern and made fit changes as I sewed. I cut a size 10 and found the sleeves way too wide so I tapered the underarm seam in by a couple of cms. I also hated the neckline. I tried the top on with the neckband half sewn and the opening was cavernous.

To fix this I decided to build up the neckband. Instead of turning the neckband over to form a binding, I cut another piece of the neckband and sewed the two neckband pieces together to form a funnel neckband. I looks a bit spaceman like when I wear it like so.


However, I like the style with the back turned up and the front turned down. It tends to flip up at the front so I’ll tack it down.

SAM_5480     SAM_5479

The pattern calls for you to hem up the sleeves but I liked clean finish of the neckband so I drafted some for the sleeves and hem. I  think the bands make the top look a bit smarter than your average sweatshirt. I’ll make a smaller neck opening next time and will taper the sleeves in more too.


I really happy with my finished sweatshirt and think it could pass for something in Cos. More minimalist chic, less astronaut!

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2 Responses to FO: Burda young 7148 sweatshirt

  1. Abigail says:

    It looks so warm and pretty! I love the color of the fabric.

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