FO: Mexican oil cloth tote bag


I had a long Easter break and spent some of my holiday finishing UFOs. This self drafted bag was one of them. I used a fabulous oil cloth bought from Kitsch Kitchen in Amsterdam a few years ago. If you like colour, kitsch and bright Mexican oil cloth, this shop is heaven. It’s one of my favourite shops in Amsterdam after the waffle shop.


It was my first time sewing with oil cloth and my new machine didn’t fail me. I got away with using a standard foot and didn’t even need to put masking tape under it. I increased the stitch length and sewed a bit slower.


Oil cloth tends to colour over time, especially on areas like bag handles. To get round this I backed the underside of my handles with gingham and folded it over to bind the edge.


I also lined the bag as I wanted to add an inner zip pocket. I followed this excellent tutorial on the U-handbag web site and my pocket turned out rather well. It’s similar to sewing a bound buttonhole or welt pocket.

This bag is so cute and I adore the happy print. It will cheer me up when I go back to work this week.

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