FO: Simplicity 1692 vintage top


This is Simplicity 1962 a re-issue of this 1940s pattern from their archive. I went for view 3, a cute kimono sleeved top, with double pleats at the front and back.


Although the pattern is very simple to sew, getting the fit right was a bit of a mare. I went through three toiles. So unsurprisingly, this is another one of my UFO’s from last year.


Having shoulders that roll forward and a hollow chest meant there was a lot of excess at the front to get rid of. There was also the problem of crinkly folds at the back, coming up from the underarms, which I haven’t quite successfully resolved. Maybe this is a feature of kimono sleeves that I’ll just have to live with. The pattern is very similar to the bodice of the Anna dress from BHL,which was a headache to fit. Don’t ask me how I managed to get to the version you see above, as the making of this was very stop-start and I can’t remember what I did.


Eagle eyed viewers will see that I haven’t followed the pattern exactly. I re-drafted a lower neckline and dispensed with the shoulder opening, as I could put it on without it. The final top was quite snug so I sewed one pleat at the back, rather than two. I also used self bias binding rather than facings on the neckline.


Overall, I’m reasonably happy with the fit of the top. The secret is to use a nice drapey fabric for this pattern, as it’s more forgiving on the creases that you get with kimono sleeves. I used stiff poly cottons for my toiles and the creases looked horrible. If I do make it again, I’ll lengthen the top next time, as there is a lot of unwanted belly flashing going on.

I’m flying through my UFOs and it’s very satisfying to see my UFO pile diminish. Wish I could say that I’ve got a tidier sewing corner! This is also pattern #2 for vintage pattern pledge 2015. One more to go!

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1 Response to FO: Simplicity 1692 vintage top

  1. springystitches says:

    I love the fabric and it looks great on you! I have made version A and found that is was really short in the length – I’m only 5’4″ so I’m not that tall! I also came to realise that I don’t suit high necklines and super puffed sleeves. Since then this pattern has sat in my stash untouched – until seeing yours – this design looks much more me!

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