FO: Lady Skater


Another UFO in the bag, this time a wearable muslin. For my dummy run of the Lady Skater pattern I used some navy ponte I bought from Goldhawk Road. I found it in a remnant bin and paid the princely sum of £4 for 1.5 metres! I cut size 4 but made a few changes. The front bodice side seam is graded up to size 5 at the waist line. I then cut size 5 for the skirt front to match the bodice. The back bodice and skirt stayed a 4. I shortened the bodice so that the waistline sits where it should.


When I tried it on I realised I should have done a FBA for knits and extended the side seam by one size. The seams and waistline didn’t sit right. I don’t have any pictures but I think the side seams were pulling forward and the back waistline was sagging. I decided to rescue it and unpicked the side and waistline seams. I then sewed the seams again with a scant seam allowance and took a wedge out of the back bodice. Not prizes for guessing the guts of my dress look horrendous.


I’m a bit meh about the finished results. I was after a smart work dress and the cap sleeves and shortness of the skirt make it look casual. I forgot to compensate for the length taken out of the bodice. The skirt sits higher up on my very short torso, so is little too short.


I think I’ll re-visit the pattern at some point. I’ll lengthen the sleeves and skirt and might try a facing on neckline. The band makes it look a bit t-shirty. If you want to sew the Lady Skater, fitting tips can be found here from Kitschy Coo. It’s an easy to sew pattern and perfect for someone starting out with knits.

I knew I wouldn’t wear my ‘wearable’ muslin so I gave first refusal to my sister. She was delighted to be the recipient of a hand made dress and I’m chuffed it went to a good home.

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3 Responses to FO: Lady Skater

  1. Zoe says:

    Ah that’s a shame that you made it and decided you wouldn’t wear it, it looks lovely from these pics, but your sister is very lucky! The fabric is a gorgeous colour xx

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