FO: From sofa throw to Simplicity 2451

SAM_5389I’m on a mission to tackle all the UFO’s in my sewing corner. 2014 was a productive year sewing wise but spending more time sewing has resulted in lots of half-finished projects cluttering up my sewing space. So one of my re-sewlutions is to finish my UFO’s before I start anything new. Hopefully I’ll get to sew something new at some point.


First up is this skirt made from the infamous Simplicity’s 2451 pattern. You probably know already this pattern is awesome. I previously made view C here but I like my latest version better as it’s closer to the pattern.  I lowered the waistband of my first iteration but decided the skirt looks better sitting nearer my natural waist as per the pattern.


I love the fabric of this skirt, the floral print is so happy and vibrant. I love it even more as the fabric had a former life as a sofa throw. I found it in a charity shop and paid a bargainous 4 quid for it. As I picked it up, I realised it was not a mound of material but a very large rectangle of upholstery cotton, edged on one side with a flounce. It looked homemade and was in good condition so I bagged it.


As there was tons of fabric, I thought about making a dress but my sister talked me out of it as she reckoned  ‘top to toe sofa’ would be too much. I’m glad I went with the skirt option as it’ll definitely get more wear than a dress. I lined it so I can wear it in winter too over thick tights. It’ll look great with coloured tights.


I made view D which is the same as view C but with a longer skirt and a kick pleat at the back. I tapered the skirt at the side seams by 1.5cms at the hem, tapering to nothing at the bottom of the pocket for a more fitted look.  I lengthened the yoke slightly to fit my waist which resulted in the skirt having two front pleats at the yoke rather than four. I’d like to put the missing pleats back in next time I make it this, just need to work out how.


I took up the hem by 5cms but should have shortened the pattern. The kick pleat is a bit mean now so I’ll make adjustments to the pattern next time. I could’ve sewn it up as I can walk ok without it but I liked this little detail.

As the skirt is very simple to sew up I thought I’d practise a few techniques, so I inserted my second lapped zipper. I’m finding them ok to insert but I’m not sure I like the look of them. They aren’t as well hidden as concealed zips and mine gape open a little at the top of the waistband.

SAM_5382  SAM_5383

I decided use a blind stitch foot on the hem. I confess I’m terrible for exploring the other features of my sewing machine. It’s taken me 8 years to try out the buttonhole feature and as well at the blind stitch foot. I played around on a scrap of fabric first before sewing my hem and the results are amazing. Lots of tiny prick stitches, which look so professional. This foot is my favourite ‘new’ bit of kit as it’ll save me from lots of hand sewing.

SAM_5384  SAM_5385

I’m so pleased I rescued this from my UFO pile. I think the skirt has a hint of Boden about it with the crispness of the fabric and loud print. This pattern is definitely a TNT skirt pattern for me. Here’s to finishing UFOs.

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9 Responses to FO: From sofa throw to Simplicity 2451

  1. Beth says:

    This is fab. Why was it a UFO?! I’m so glad you finished it and can wear it now! The print is amazing and I love its origin!

  2. This is beautiful, the pattern is great and your fabric is so happy and fun, it doesn’t look like sofa. Definitely good for brightening up the dark winter wardrobe.

  3. oonaballoona says:

    superheroine UFO rescue! what a happy skirt. and kudos to you on trying new machinery techniques. i get the same way about that 😉

  4. Bekki Hill says:

    Looks lovely and always twice as good when you’ve recycled. I’m also on a mission to complete all my creative UFOs before I start anything new. Good luck with clearing your sewing corner!

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