Top 5 misses 2014

Following on from my hit parade yesterday, here’s a summary of makes that didn’t quite cut the mustard.

No. 1 – Simplicity 2418 cowl neck top. I don’t have much polyester in my wardrobe and this top reminds me why. I made this in a poly crepe and the fabric is horrible to wear as it sticks to the skin.  It didn’t make it to the blog as I lost interest in finishing it. I’m calling it a toile, as apart from the static inducing fabric, the drape of the cowl and back gathers still need tweaking. I also made this in a jersey (the pattern is for a woven) and it worked fine.


No. 2 – New Look 6193 T-shirt top. Another poor choice of fabric sabotaging my sewing. I bought this at the epic NYLON meet up and was drawn to the gorgeous print of oil painted flowers. However, it’s made of that darned polyester and it clings like a second skin. Eagle eyed readers will spot it’s half finished. Yup, I lost the will when I realised nothing was going to fix the fact it was made of polyester.


No. 3 – Jade green renfrew. I’m still wearing this but it’s on borrowed time, as I know it’s destined for the charity shop.  The knit fabric I used doesn’t have the requisite stretch for the pattern so it’s very tight under the armpits.


The number of duds this year has been low so I don’t have 2 more to show. I will include this as my number 4 though:

No. 4 – Rationing fabric purchases. This was an epic fail. I more than doubled my stash this year. Here’s a peek at the damage. I can’t walk past a fabric shop without opening my wallet.



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