Top 5 hits of 2014

Top 5 2014 #sewingtop5

It’s nice to reflect on the past year and celebrate our sewing triumphs. My top 5 makes of 2014 are – cue drum roll:

No. 5 – Polka dot Plantain. It’s so cute and looks great with jeans or one of my handmade skirts. It was one of my first attempts at sewing knits and I’m surprised how well it turned out considering how fine the fabric was. Beginners luck!

SAM_3181No. 4 – 80’s top for Vintage Pattern Pledge challenge. I didn’t complete my goal of 3 vintage patterns but managed to complete this simple knit top. I love the graphic print which gives it a dressier look. I still have a few tweaks to make to the pattern to get it perfect but once done, it will be a TNT.


No. 3 –  Denim Hollyburn with mushroom garnish. I screwed up badly by overlocking my denim in the final stages of this make but managed to save the day with my mushroom appliqué. I absolutely love wearing this skirt.


No. 2 BHL Victoria jacket. I wore this loads at the end of summer/autumn and have more planned for this year.


No. 1 – BHL Anna dress. Cos you’ve got to have a bit of frosting in your wardrobe.


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3 Responses to Top 5 hits of 2014

  1. Love the Anna and the Hollyburn, oh that little mushroom garnish is so cute.

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