Designer fabric sales

I went to a House of Hackney sample sale a few weeks ago and picked up these goodies.


Two pieces of spongey double-faced knit fabric (third from left). I think it might be scuba fabric and it was a steal at £2 each.

I also got a piece of velvet upholstery fabric (far left) which I’ll turn into a cushion and a scrap of satin poly (far right) that I hope to eek out a top from. I love the print and the fabric has a lovely silky handle. It also came in silk velvet and I’m kicking myself for not buying that too.


My favourite piece is this textured mid weight floral cotton viscose (photo above). It’s got a lovely drape and I saw a jacket there in the same fabric. I paid £10 for 1.5 meters, the jacket was in the hundreds, so bargain!

I recently discovered fabric sample sales and they’re a good place to score some quality fabric. The Harris Tweed I used for my Burda jacket was from a Margaret Howell sample sale. I went to one at Peter Jensen earlier this summer and picked up 7 meters for fabric for about £32. Here’s my haul.


I’ve blown my fabric diet big time this year. I’ve not done a count yet, but I think I’ve easily doubled my stash this year, oops! But if you’re gonna binge, binge on the good stuff.

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2 Responses to Designer fabric sales

  1. Katrina says:

    These are really good finds! I’ve seen all the notices for sample sales on Twitter too, and am broke at the moment, so have passed on the opportunity. It’s good to see that you’ve found some lovely stuff, it’s a good sign for next year!

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