Back to the 80’s – Vintage pattern pledge no. 2

I found this pattern in a charity shop and paid 50p for it. Judging from the photos on the front, you’d think they’d be giving it away. I can see Alexis or Crystal rockin’ one of these frocks. The sleeves are truly hideous, there’s a lot of fabric bagginess going on there.

However I saw beyond this fugly mess of blousey fabric and had a vision of a simple batwing top or dress, once I sorted out those god-awful sleeves. I give you make number two for my vintage pattern pledge.


As you can see it’s not a dress. I wanted the print to run horizontally and this took up a good chunk of my 2 metres of jersey. I’d like to try a dress next time.


The only changes I made were to take in the under arm and side seams and shorten the bodice. I ended up tapering a bit too much at the bottom of the sleeve but luckily the fabric is quite stretchy. I shortened the sleeve hems by 7cms to balance out the length with the hem. The hem is a bit on the short side, I seem to overestimate how short my bodice is. Next time I’ll lengthen it by an inch or two and add more ease in the sleeve.


To finish the top I used a zig zag stitch on the sleeves and a twin needle on the hem. The neckline is faced, something I’ve not come across with knits and I really love this feature. It makes the top look nice and smart. I was a bit doubtful as to whether it would sit flat and I was right. Despite understitching the facing, it kept creeping out. So I top stitched it down, about 2cm from the neckline. You don’t notice it much as it blends in with the pattern.

SAM_5219  SAM_5218

I had low expectations when I started out as I wasn’t sure I’d be able to tame those sleeves. I had intended to make a muslin but my top turned out better than expected. I now have another knit pattern to add to my repertoire of Renfrews and Plantains. It’s also very satisfying to sew as, being made from only a front, back and facings, comes together very quickly. I made this on Sunday.


Thanks to Marie from A Stitching Odyssey for bringing this pattern to the top of the sew pile. Two down and one to go before I complete my pledge. Though that’s looking a bit tenuous given that Xmas is round the corner. Anyone else got a sewing deadline?

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