FO: Hollyburn skirt – snatching sewing victory from the jaws of my overlocker


Denim Hollyburn skirt worn with recently sewn Breton Plantain

This skirt nearly ended up in the bin. I had an accident whilst overlocking my seams and this happened.


WTF, nooooooo!!!!!!

It was my first time sewing with denim and I was not used to how unwieldy the fabric can be. It snuck in under the overlocker foot and got chomped. And yup, being at the overlocking stage meant that my skirt was in sight of the finish line. I was not having a good day. Plus, the cut was too far in from the seam to skim off at the side seams. After a mild hissy fit, I put it aside as it was too painful to look at.

A few days later, I realised I could save it by doing a bit of applique. The only problem was I’m not a fan of applique. I then had a light bulb moment and remembered seeing funky sewing patches in Liberty’s haberdashery department. So I popped in on a shopping trip and bought this.


They’re not cheap at £5 a pop and cost more than my market stall denim. But they were worth every penny to save my skirt from the bin. I love the name, does what is says on the tin. I could have gone with more funkier designs but I wanted something discreet as I’m not a fan of embellishment on clothing. One of the mushrooms was large enough to cover the tear but I added both, as one lone mushroom would look a bit sad.


I ironed and stitched mending tape to the wrong side of my fabric to stabilise the torn area before ironing on my mending patches. I then sewed a few anchor stitches in red thread as I wasn’t sure how secure my patches would be on heavy denim.


I think it works well and I love the mushrooms. They’re a nice detail and aren’t too cutesy. I added red buttons to match the mushrooms. My original choice was to go with some wooden ones for a 70s retro look. I love the tabs even though they don’t have a function.


The only changes I made were to line the pockets in a contrast fabric as I didn’t have enough denim. I used a vintage pillowcase I had in my stash. The pretty print peeps out a bit but I don’t mind, it makes a feature of the pockets, which I love.

I also shaved about 1.5 cm from the side seam, tapering up to the waistline so that the skirt fits closer round my hips.  It was also my second attempt at a lapped zip. I completely bodged up my first go and always insert concealed zips as I stick to what I know. This time round I followed the instructions in Tasia’s Sewtionary book and I got perfect results!



I love this skirt and my sewing disaster ended up being a triumph. Sewaholic’s Hollyburn pattern has a flattering shape, is easy to follow and a breeze to construct. I’m definitely sewing more Hollyburns, perhaps in a softer, more drapey fabric next time. I don’t have many full skirts in my wardrobe and, having worn it for the first time today, am loving the swishiness of it.

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8 Responses to FO: Hollyburn skirt – snatching sewing victory from the jaws of my overlocker

  1. Hila says:

    Without knowing the background of the overlocker chomp, the mushrooms look like inspired genius! They are so adorable without being cutesy, love it 🙂

  2. Hila says:

    What view did you make?

    • I made view C. I’m 5′ 3″ so it comes up longer on me. Thanks, I thought I’d share the saga of the overlocker as I’m sure others have been there.

      • Hila says:

        Oh yes thanks for sharing! You gave me a fix for that situation; it happened to me while making a dress for my twins about 6 months ago and i never thought to applique so they just never wore the dresses. ..I am 5’4″ and have printed out view B yesterday so i think view C mught be better. Thanks for sharing :-).

  3. Beth says:

    Well that was a happy accident! Everything happens for a reason….! You’re lucky that it was torn in a place that suits a little detail – if it was smack bang in the middle of the skirt I’m not sure a couple of mushrooms would save it!! I love the tabs, too.

    • Yes if it had been in a more prominent place I’m not sure I would have been able to save it. I love how it out so maybe my fabric was destined to be eaten by the overlocker.

  4. Excellent save! Those mushrooms are really rather cute. Thank goodness for a chomp in a fairly benign part of your skirt so it looks deliberate.

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