Stash bustin – barkcloth cushion


I made this cushion from some vintage barkcloth in my stash. I picked it up my at my first ever sewing meet up. I was thrilled to get it as I’m a big fan of barkcloth.


The fabric was originally a curtain but being vintage needed delicate handling. I found this out after washing it in the washing machine, when lots of little holes appeared. I loved the fabric too much to chuck it out, so I patched the under side with lots of iron on mending tape. I salvaged the best bits of fabric and used as much as I could for the cushion.


I used some shantung silk for the back, as I didn’t have enough fabric and it looks great with the barkcloth. I reinforced the barkcloth by underlining all pieces with some cream cotton. Hopefully this will take some of the strain. It now sits on my second sofa. Do you have one of these? The one that no one sits on, that ends up being a dumping ground for stuff. Usually, ahem, my sewing mess.

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