FO: Spotty Renfrew


This is a make from back in the Spring. I was so taken with this coral jersey I bought in Berlin that I started sewing with it shortly after I got back. It looks very pink in the photos but it has a more orangey hue to it.


Don’t you just love polka dots? I’m in love with the colour too. The cotton jersey is so comfy and came in lots of other colours. If you are going to Berlin and sew, you must go to the Turkish Market – it is fabric heaven and cheap too. My jersey was 3 euros a metre.


This is my best fitting Renfrew. I increased the CF by 1 cm and it fits better than my previous versions. The jersey has the right amount of stretch too. I love this pattern and am so pleased to have nailed the fit. I’ve got some scrumptious grey star jersey from the same stall which is destined to be a Renfrew too.

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2 Responses to FO: Spotty Renfrew

  1. gingermakes says:

    This color looks really nice with your skin tone. Great choice!

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