FO: Portfolio weekend top

 SAM_5136This top was made in a weekend and is hacked from the Lisette Portfolio top. The original pattern is made from 3 front pieces, which I simplified by re-drafting so it’s just one piece cut on fold. When I made this top before, I felt I could do with more room at the front, so I added 2cms to the CF this time round. However, I forgot you need to divide by 2 when adding width here, so I ended up adding 4cms to the front – oh dear! To get round this, I made a pleat at the front to reduce some of the fullness. It’s a little blousey but not too noticeable. As well as adjusting the collar band to match my new front pattern piece, I also reduced the depth of the collar band by 1cm and lengthened the top by 3cms.

SAM_5138The materials used are all freebies picked up at fabric swaps. I got the plaid fabric at the recent Sew Brum meet up. Thank you to whoever brought it along. It’s got a lovely drape, I think it might be vintage rayon. The bias binding was also picked up at another meet up and breaks up the pattern nicely. Check out the pattern matching on the collar. I admit that was down to luck rather than skills.


My pattern hack needs a few more tweaks to get right. I’d like to take out some of the excess around the front armhole, but I suspect that my be part of the deal if you have kimono sleeves. Nevertheless I like how it’s turned out and it makes for a nice work top.

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