Me Made May musings – a very late post

I know Me-Made-May is long gone but I want to record my thoughts for posterity. I had a bit of an impromptu blog break in the summer with life laundry taking a priority.

What I wore

I wore 24 individual handmade items during May: 14 tops, 4 skirts, 3 dresses, 2 jackets and 1 tunic. There were only 4 days where I wore more than one handmade garment probably due to a lack of skirts and trousers. My tops get worn a lot  and I wore them 24 times. The winning top was my green Renfrew which had 3 wears. My new knits have seen a lot of rotation too. 

SAM_3400 - Copy


What I didn’t wear

Me-Made-May is great for highlighting what works and what doesn’t in your wardrobe. I decided to audit what stayed on the hanger and be ruthless. If items weren’t worn due to being too dressy or the cold weather, that was ok. But if they weren’t worn because I didn’t like them, I would get rid. It was painful to kill my darlings and in the 8 odd years that I’ve been sewing, I’ve never binned a finished item. But I’ve decided my handmades should get the same treatment as RTW garments. If it’s not being worn, it’s going to the charity shop.

SAM_4178  SAM_4179

So I got rid of a pair of trousers, the only pair I’ve ever made. They were quite snug to begin with and I never wear them due to muffin top spillage. I made them at a sewing class and must have been breathing in when the tutor measured me, ha ha. The other item was a dirndl style skirt – New Look 6872, which had a very poorly inserted lapped zip, with one side being an inch higher than the other. Not a good look.

SAM_4250  SAM_4254

I gave this silk top a reprieve as it was silk and I had a holiday coming up. I removed my main bug with it which was the flouncy sleeves. They always crumpled up in the wardrobe and under cardigans. I forgot to take a picture of the original but the pattern is New Look 6515 view D. I’m glad I saved it as it was so cool in the 40 degree heat. Avoid Morocco in August people. Pictures shown are post alteration. I’m wearing it with the first item I ever sewed, New Look 6494. See, I never throw anything out!


Wardrobe gaps include making more plains and more skirts, especially ones for warmer weather. I could do with making trousers too but I can’t get excited about sewing them. No one ever says ‘wow, great trousers’.

This year’s Me-May-May was easier with fewer wardrobe conundrums as my handmade wardrobe has grown. I think I’ll do it again next year despite wearing handmade most days.

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2 Responses to Me Made May musings – a very late post

  1. ebonierika says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Hopefully I will be ready to participate this upcoming may

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