FO: Disco inferno top


If ever a fabric screamed Studio 54 it’s this one. My eyes were drawn like a magpie to the shiny multi-coloured metallic fibres at a fabric swap and I was persuaded to give it a home. Lord knows what I was going to do with it.


I think the sewing gods destined me to have this fabric as shortly aferwards a friend said she was having a birthday do at an 80s club. So I set myself a speed sewing challenge of making a top in 2 days to boogie along to Whitney and Cyndi.

    SAM_4168  SAM_4170

As I was time poor, I raided my stash for suitable patterns and went for this cowl top pattern – Simplicity 2418. It’s for woven fabric but I decided to throw caution to the wind. I cut out my normal dress size and the fit was perfect. It helps that the front bodice is cut on the bias which gives a bit more stretch.


Sewing up was super quick. I didn’t bother to finish the seams as I discovered the fabric doesn’t fray. I haven’t a clue what it is, it’s stretchy like jersey, feels cool to the touch and the underside is black. I also cut corners on the hem which is just a raw edge. The yoke is made from a glittery black jersey to add some contrast. I was worried the line between disco top and fancy dress would be crossed if I used the shiny fabric alone.


My mates were flabbergasted when I turned up with this number. It’s brilliant being able to knock something up for a night out and it looked the business against the backdrop of the flashing dance floor.

80s dance class for corporate parties


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