Artists Textiles and Horrockses Fashions


Scarf designed by Picasso

Last week I combined a talk on Horrockses Fashions at the Fashion and Textile Museum with a visit to the Artists Textiles exhibition at the same venue. The show features work by major 20th century artists who leant their art to the textile industry. It was interesting to read many artists saw this as a way of making their work more accessible to ordinary people. SAM_3994

Artists featured in the exhibition include Dalí, Léger, Matisse, Miró, Picasso and Warhol. These skirts featuring Andy Warhol designs are so cute.


I’d love to own this apple skirt by Warhol. I hadn’t realized he was such a good illustrator. This sundae design is one of his.


There were gorgeous 50s dresses and skirts made from fabric by [L-R] Miró, Léger and Picasso.

SAM_3963  SAM_3965 SAM_3962Here are a few of my favourite pieces.

 SAM_3960  SAM_4013

SAM_3975  SAM_4008

The talk on Horrockses fashions was equally fascinating. It was given by Dr Christine Boydell who wrote the book accompanying the Horrockses exhibition from a few years back. Apparently it was the FTM’s most popular exhibition and having been, I can see why. Horrockses was a post war RTW label famous for their pretty cotton dresses and sumptuous prints. They worked with artists like Eduardo Paolozzi, Alistair Morton and Graham Sutherland whose designs can be seen on these dresses.


Although the dresses were off the peg, they were worn by Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and Vivien Leigh. Christine brought one along for a closer look. Isn’t the bow on the pocket adorable?


If you want to make your own Horrockses sun dress, here’s a free pdf pattern from the V&A. I remember seeing this when it was first posted and was put off by the crazy amount of taping this would involve. However I met a sewer last week who’d sewn this pattern and her finished dress was divine. I might just have to get the sellotape out.

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