FO: Aztec plantain

Aztec print plantain

Aztec print plantain

This is my third Plantain top from Deer and Doe. Seriously this pattern is addictive. It’s so quick to make it’s perfect for satisfying a sewing fix if you are short on time. I made this from some jersey bought from my favourite fabric stall ‘the man outside Sainsbury’s’. The print isn’t something I’d usually go for but something about it said ‘buy me’.


My first two Plantains were a smidge tight around the bust so I added 2cms to the centre front. However I made the mistake of not dividing this figure by 2 so ended up increasing the front by a massive 4cms. Doh! This lowered the neckline somewhat and caused a bit of gaping. I tried to fix it by sewing in 2 inches of elastic to the CF but it didn’t gather nicely so out it came. I decided at this stage to leave well alone and live with it. Luckily the gaping is not so bad that I’m giving away my modesty every time I lean forward.


The fabric, despite being quite drapey, was easy to work with and not slippery at all. I don’t tend to cut jersey bodice pieces on fold as I’m nervous the two sides won’t be symmetrical. I drew round my pattern with washable marker pen and then flipped the pattern over to do the other side. This worked well for pattern matching too. I made marks on my pattern piece as to where key features were on my fabric. When I flipped the pattern to draw round the other side, I adjusted my fabric so that it matched up to those marks. My side seams aren’t perfect but it doesn’t matter as the pattern is quite busy.


I really like this version. I’m more of a ditsy floral girl so wearing a graphic print is new for me. It’s a shame I messed up on the neckline otherwise it would have been perfect. I vow to get my next Plantain right.

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4 Responses to FO: Aztec plantain

  1. gingermakes says:

    Cute print! This looks great!

  2. Great fabric choice! I really like your top and Eleonore’s patterns. However, Deer and Doe is not participating in Sewing Indie Month. Only patterns from participating designers are eligible to win a prize.

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