Fabric shopping – Berlin

SAM_3866Forget Paris, the best place to buy fabric on your holidays is Berlin. Never one to miss a fabric shopping opportunity, I asked my friend if she knew of any good fabric shops and she told me about the Turkish Market in Kreuzberg which happened to be 15 minutes away from her flat. We went on a Friday and the market was packed with shoppers enjoying the Spring sunshine. It seemed like your usual foodie market dotted with the odd craft stall and then I saw this. [Cue sharp intake of breath]

5 or 4 euros a meter!

Fabric heaven


As good as the man outside Sainsburys no?


Jersey, jersey, jersey

I think there were about 12 fabric stalls selling dress and quilting fabrics. Prices were really cheap with fabrics starting at 3 euros a meter. The market also had a few habby stalls, not to mention the scrummy Turkish food stalls which were another highlight.

SAM_3454        SAM_3452

So what did I buy? I saw lots of lovely fabrics that I wanted to give a new home to but I was hindered by my baggage allowance. Believe me, it was a good thing as I could have come back with a suitcase full. I did manage to find space in my rucksack for these prints below. The top two are jerseys and the bottom is a cotton lawn. I love the coral spot so much I’ve already started sewing with it. The jerseys were 3 euros a meter and the lawn 4 euros. What a steal.


I also stumbled across a sewing machine shop near my friend’s flat. The window had a display of antique sewing machines. I don’t think they were for sale but I’d love one on my bookshelf. You can’t tell from the photos but they were absolutely tiny.



It was my first time in Berlin and I absolutely fell in love with the city. I will be going back again and not just for the fabric shopping.

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7 Responses to Fabric shopping – Berlin

  1. onedabbles says:

    Just … wow! What a great experience. 12 stalls?! I’d either have to sit down and think about it all or be the woman causing a disturbance by leaping on a stall and rolling around in the fabric shrieking with delight! Thanks for sharing this. If anyone knows of good fabric stalls in Sydney, I’d appreciate the tips.

  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about going back to Berlin. Last time I ended up spending most of my money in an amazing record shop. This time around I can see myself spending most of it here. I’m definitely bookmarking this.

  3. Tine says:

    We have actually been to the market on the samy day!!! Crazy. If you ever fancy fabric shopping in Hamburg, you know whom to ask. Shops here are not so cheap as in Berlin, but there are some that have real designer fabrics like Chanel and so on.

    • How funny, what a coincidence. Berlin is my top place for fabric shopping abroad. I will definitely pick your brains for shopping tips if I’m ever in Hamburg.

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