FO: Renfrew

SAM_3400 - Copy

After my success with Plantain from Deer and Doe I felt confident to sew with more jersey and knit patterns. This is my first Sewaholic pattern and the instructions for Renfrew are fool proof with lovely clear diagrams. The sizing is spot on too – I cut a straight size 10 making no changes to the pattern. I made a wearable muslin from some cheap jersey before my final version. My muslin fits really well but my green Renfrew feels a smidge tight around the arm holes. I think this has something to do with the stretch of the fabric. The jersey for my muslin was quite stretchy but this green fabric is quite stable for a jersey.

SAM_3401 - Copy

I like the bands on the sleeves and hem, it gives the top a casual feel to it. It’s easy to put together and a great pattern for those new to knits but I guess you knew that already. Sewing with jersey takes a bit of patience. I sew a few test samples to see if your machine is playing ball. Remember to change your regular needle for a ball point otherwise you get horrible knotted stitches and fabric being eaten by the feed dog.

I sewed this using my sewing machine and then finished the seams on my overlocker. I guess you can sew the whole thing on your overlocker which would make this top even quicker to knock up. I picked up a tip on how to sew on the seam line when using an overlocker. On a test piece of fabric measure how much your overlocker chops off and stitches in from the edge and simply adjust all your seam allowances on your pattern by this amount. This ensures you will be stitching on the seam line. I’ll give this a go next time I sew a knit but will probably still stitch the arm hole with the sewing machine for more control.

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