FO: Dolly the skirt


This is my first skirt made using the rub off method. It’s cloned from another skirt using the technique from Steffani Lincecum’s book “Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit”. I made it last year but am blogging about it now as it finally made its way out of the laundry basket.


I made the pattern by laying some paper on top of some cardboard and laying my RTW skirt on top. Pins are then stuck through this skirt, paper, cardboard sandwich along all the seam and dart lines. You end up with a piece of paper dotted with pin pricks which you join and true up. Seam allowances are added and voila, a pattern which is an exact copy of your RTW garment.


I decided to simplify the skirt front, doing away with the extra panels and pocket welts, replacing these with darts. The original skirt had fake pockets so I didn’t see the point.

Original skirt

Original skirt

I’m really pleased with the result. The rub off method works and you end up with something you know will fit. My favourite feature is the Cath Kidston biased binding used on the hem. I know no one can see it but it makes me happy knowing it’s there.


Cath Kidston hem binding

I’ve worn this skirt to death this winter. I’m now going to raid my wardrobe to see what other items I can ‘rub off’.

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