FO: Polka dot floral plantain

Plantain jersey top - Deer and Doe

Plantain jersey top – Deer and Doe

Plantain fever is catching. I had to make one after seeing all these gorgeous versions on the Deer and Doe blog.  What’s more it’s also a freebie so you can get it in an instant. This is the ultimate quick sew top. I started it on Sunday afternoon and finished Monday evening, though I could have finished it in half a day.

I don’t like cutting jersey on the fold as the fabric has a tendency to move. Instead I traced round my pattern with a water soluble pen and flipped the pattern over to trace round the other half. I also held my pattern down with tin cans rather than pins. I cut size 40 and shortened the length of the bodice by two cms.

Then every sewists nightmare happened whilst I was trimming the seams.


Yup, my scissors caught more than the seam allowance and I sliced through my top. What to do? I didn’t have enough fabric to cut a second front piece as I hadn’t anticipated being such a klutz.  Life lesson #1001: Don’t sew when you are hung over.

Cutting line 2cm from shoulder seam

Cutting line 2cm from shoulder seam

I decided to plough on. The cut was made near the shoulder seam so there was a chance it was salvageable. I trimmed off the damage which amounted to 2cms and did the same to the other shoulder seam. I then chopped off the seam I’d already sewn, close to the seam line and re-sewed it. As I had removed roughly 4cms from the neckline, I shortened the neck band by this amount. The sleeve cap also needed trimming to fit the now smaller arm hole syce.

Excess fabric to be removed from seeve

Excess fabric to be removed from seeve

I sewed my Plantain using a zig zag stitch on my machine and finished the seams on my new overlocker. It’s worth practising on a few scraps when using knits to make sure you’ve got the stitch right. Using a ball point needle makes all the difference. I bought a stretch twin needle and used this for my sleeves, hem and to topstitch my neckline. It gives a lovely neat finish and your garments will look the same as RTW.

Twin needle action

Twin needle action


I knew raising the front of my top would also raise the under arm seam and was keeping my fingers crossed that this wouldn’t matter too much given this was a knit. So I think I’ve got away with it. Yes there is a bit of pulling around the underarm and sleeve but it’s not too noticeable. The main thing is the fit and it’s not tight at all. Thank god for twiglet arms.


SAM_3180   SAM_3183  SAM_3173

This top is super cute and I adore the fabric. I fell in love with this fabric after seeing Scruffy badger’s Renfrew and serendipitously found the same stuff on Goldhawk Road last year.  The plantain is such a simple knit pattern, perfect for wardrobe building. It’s also addictive, I’ve already cut my next one.

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