The Great British Sewing Bee pencil skirt

Sewing Bee pencil skirt

Sewing Bee pencil skirt

This is a timely make, as the second series of the Great British Sewing Bee starts on Tuesday 18th February and I cannot wait.  I made this skirt with fabric left over from my Burda jacket. I’d used so little of the half metre I bought for facings, it seemed a waste to consign it to my scrap pile. I opted for the pencil skirt from the GBSB book as it didn’t use up too much fabric. You can get the pattern and others too from the publisher’s website here. All you need to do is pop your email address down and they’ll send you a pdf.


I left out the waistband as I didn’t have enough fabric for this. Alterations included shortening the length of the skirt and tapering the side seam in from the hip to the hem to make a tulip shape.


I used some Petersham ribbon to face the waistband which worked a treat. The Petersham folded over nicely and gives good structure to the top of the skirt. I finished the hem using some braid also left over from my jacket project and inserted an invisible zip. I changed the way I usually do my zip insertion and finished the waistband after my zip. This allowed me to machine sew my lining against my zip and did away with the need to hand sew my zip. This technique gives a lovely professional finish and cuts down on hand finishing. Most sewing patterns tell you to sew the zip in first and that’s the way I’ve been shown at sewing classes so it’s a revelation to discover a better way to do it.

Petersham waistband

Petersham waistband

Making this skirt from leftover fabric almost feels like it’s free (with the exception of the £3 zip that I was stung for at a certain London haberdashery store). I love the shape of this skirt and I’ll be wearing it to work next week. Another winter sewing project in the bag!

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6 Responses to The Great British Sewing Bee pencil skirt

  1. sylkotwist says:

    Ooh snap! Yours looks lovely, Petersham ribbon is the best isn’t it!

  2. Angie says:

    What a beautiful skirt for winter! So pretty with those tights!!

  3. Sam says:

    This is such a good looking skirt. It’s such a wonderful thing when there is enough left over fabric that you can make something great as a bonus.

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