Home sewing for lazy bones


Hey I made cushions. I’ve been sewing for years but it never crossed my mind to make stuff for the house. Cushion covers are one of the simplest things to sew but they seemed, well, a bit boring. I mean you’re sewing a square. ZZZzzzz. So I put up with covers held together by safety pins as I couldn’t be arsed to fix the faulty zips or buy new ones.


However, after coming over all peculiar in Ikea, I picked up a metre of upholstery fabric and decided to make my own. I drafted templates for the front and back based on the dimensions of my cushion pad, which was 45cm x 45cm and added a seam allowance. I added a further 16cms to the back piece, which I then cut in two to make an envelope opening.


My cushions were super quick to make and took just half an episode of Sunday Brunch, from pattern drafting to sewing up. I’m really pleased with them, they look quite professional. I’m now converted to making cushions and will be upgrading the other tatty ones on my sofa.

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5 Responses to Home sewing for lazy bones

  1. Love the cushions! Such bright sunny colours… just what I needed on a dreary dull winters day, some thing to cheer me up… thanks for that! Bye J x

  2. What lovely cushions – great use of that fabric!

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