Mercerie beaucoup


Sacre Coeur at dusk

It would have been rude not to visit to the fabric mecca that is Marché St Pierre in Montmartre while on a short break to Paris last week.

Marche Saint Pierre

Marche Saint Pierre

There’s oodles of choice, 5 floors of what seems like every fabric type imaginable. The fabrics are good quality and priced accordingly. A few bargains can be found on the ground floor and on remnant tables outside the store.


I then went to Tissus Reine across the road which has a gorgeous selection of prints and luxury fabrics. I also went to a few other stores that sold ‘coupons’ or remnants. You have to brace yourself for a good rummage in the coupon shops but you can get 3 metres of fabric for as little as 10 euros. Mindful of my new year’s resolution to curb my fabric fix, I came away empty handed. IMO there are richer pickings on London’s Goldhawk Road. But if you happen to be passing Montmartre it’s well worth a visit. All the shops are clustered around the base of the hill on Rue Charles Nodier. Despite being on a strict fabric diet it was still a joy spending a few hours window shopping (la lèche vitrines, as they say in France).


I got a snap of the freaky mini mannequins in Tissus Reine before an angry man told me ‘no photographs’.


I did buy some cute binding from the Mercerie St Pierre which is next door to the main shop. I’ll leave you with some gratuitous cake shots.





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2 Responses to Mercerie beaucoup

  1. foamofdays says:

    That first photo of Sacre Coeur is stunning! (I’m trying not to look at photos of cakes :))
    I went to Paris last year, and visited “fabric mecca ” that was described by one of the bloggers as “Goldhawk Road in Paris”. After a half of an hour I felt like wasting my time – after all I can visit Goldhawk road at any time as I work in London, and Paris has so many exciting unique places to see! I forgot about fabric and went exploring Paris – which I’m very happy about 🙂

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