My first overlocker – Brother 1034d


I’ve been hankering after one of these ever since I started sewing.  But they scared me. The nightmare threading for one and coping with their hissy fits. This changed when I did the overlocking course at the Make Lounge (sadly no more) last year. In 2.5 hours I conquered my fear. We were shown how to thread a machine, what all the knobs did and how to adjust the tension dials to suit the fabric. After playing around with lots of fabric types and setting the tension dials I ended up with a few samples of perfectly finished fabric. Armed with the knowledge of being able to distinguish my upper looper from my lower looper I came away thinking I can do this!

After saving lots of pennies I’ve decided to splurge out. I went for the Brother 1034d after hearing good things from other bloggers. It came pre-threaded from Sewing Machines Direct who also threw in a set of overlocking threads in black, white and cream, spare needles and an assortment of sewing freebies.

I got it to work straight away as it came pre-threaded. It came with a handy instruction DVD which was really useful as I’m one of those people who only read manuals on pain of death. I also changed the threads as I needed a different colour. The machine has a handy colour coded thread guide which takes the guess work out of what goes where. I won’t lie, changing the threads on an overlocker is a fiddly job. But I got it threaded up and going again – phew. I think once I’ve done it a few times, I’ll be fine.

I love my new toy and am hoping it’ll do wonders for my sewing productivity this year.

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2 Responses to My first overlocker – Brother 1034d

  1. I got the same serger for Christmas and just finally got the nerve to use it. I posted my project on my blog today! I absolutely love this model. It’s very easy to use and thread. I was overwhelmed at the thought of learning to use a serger and I’m glad I got this model because it was so much easier than I had ever anticipated!
    I can’t wait to see what awesome things you’ll create with yours!

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