Reflections on last year

Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series


After years of procrastination I finally got started on my sewing blog. The biggest stumbling block was coming up with a name. After exhausting all the sewing puns under the sun I realised they’d all been taken. In the end I chose ‘Pootle and Make’ as I love this word. It means to move or travel in a leisurely manner”. I now see blogging as an intrinsic part of my sewing and wish I’d got going sooner. Nothing beats sharing your makes with people who ‘get it’.

Sewing separates

When I first began sewing it was all about the frosting, namely dresses. I’ve since realised having a wardrobe full of summer dresses doesn’t suit my lifestyle or the British weather. Last year I decided to focus more on separates and sew for the seasons. Now I’m wearing my makes the minute they come off the machine. No more waiting for that special occasion or for the sun to come out.

Sewing more solids

Taking part in Me Made May 2013 exposed the gaps in my handmade wardrobe. There weren’t many Me Made outfits as nothing went together. My weakness for prints made for clashing tops and bottoms. I also wore the same tops week in week out as it was too cold to wear dresses. I realised I need more solids in my wardrobe to give it more balance.

Sewing corner

We moved to a larger flat in 2012, and although it meant my dreams for a sewing room remained a lottery win away at least I had my own sewing corner. However my corner still had that woeful ‘just moved in look’ a year later. Everything was stashed away in bags and boxes and I never had a sense of what I had. But last spring I bought a pine cupboard from my local thrift store and now everything has a home. All my fabric is neatly folded away but accessible. My sewing machine sits on top of said cupboard ready for action rather than remaining boxed up under the dining table. All my patterns are in box files and I keep my current work in progress in a shoe box. My haberdashery is organised in metal tins I’ve collected. It’s great being able to put stuff away and I love that the first piece of furniture I’ve ever bought is a cupboard for my sewing.

All things sewing related

I did a lot of sewing related activities last year. I went to the Knitting and Stitch show, did two courses, a pattern-making course at the Fashion and Textile museum and an overlocking course at the Make Lounge, entered the Colette patterns Laurel competition, saw the Hollywood costume exhibition at the V&A and went to a few sewing meet-ups including the epic one organised by Rachel from House of Pinheiro. I also used every opportunity to add to my stash on my holidays, visiting fabric stores from Leigh-on-Sea to Totnes.

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