Top 5 of 2013 and goals

Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series

2013 has been a productive year. I totted up my home sewn garments and it came to 10 which is good going for me. Last year I made: 1 jacket, 4 tops, 3 dresses/tunics and 2 skirts. Some of these were pre-blog so I’ve not blogged about them.  Here’s a round up of my 5 favourite makes from 2013.


1. Burda Jacket


2. Vogue 9668


3. Laurel top


4. Rub off skirt (unblogged)


5. Portfolio top

Top 5 goals for 2014

1. Sew with knits. Now there are patterns such as Renfrew – no more excuses.

2. (Deep breath) Make a coat. I have 2 metres of gorgeous copper wool for this project. If I start now maybe I’ll be finished by next winter!

3. Sew from stash. A perennial favourite.

4. Ration fabric purchases. Going cold turkey on fabric purchases is a non starter. So my plan for 2014 is to moderate my fabric habit by allowing myself to purchase new fabric only after I’ve made 2 garments from my stash. Lining and toile fabrics will be exempt.

5. Revisit patterns. Rather than rushing out to buy the latest shiny new pattern, I intend to use some of my patterns again. It’s win win. You save time on the fit as the prep has already been done and it’s more cost effective too.

I think they are all pretty much achievable, though I confess I’ve already bought 2 fabrics this year. Happy 2014 everyone.

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