Making more cake – New Look 6193

I’m on a mission to sew more practical items that can be worn daily rather than dresses with limited wear. Tasia from Sewaholic summed this up aptly in her post ‘Too much frosting not enough cake’. I also want to do more seasonal sewing so I can wear my makes now. To this end I’m using NL 6193. It’s a perfect wardrobe builder as it features an A-line skirt and a top with a sweet Peter Pan collar. I love all the designs on the sleeve and will definitely make the top. Isn’t it cute?

nl 6193

A-line skirts are quick to run up but despite this I have never made one. Time to correct this glaring omission from my sewing repertoire (other omissions include lapped zips and button holes). I used a lovely indigo blue corduroy from my stash which was an incredible £1.65 a metre.


It was a very simple make with a few minor alterations. I adjusted the width of the waistband and tapered the skirt from the hips to the hem to get a sleeker fit. I also moved the zip to the side as it looked more discreet there and I wasn’t sure how I’d cope with doing an invisible zip on corduroy.

Which was just as well as I had a disaster with my zipper in the final stages of making up. I had just sewn my lining to the zip when I pulled it up and it split on me. ARRGGGH. So I had to unpick all the hand sewing I’d just done, unpick the zip, insert a new one and re-do all my hand sewing. Yup joy, nothing beats doing a job twice. But I guess I’d brought it on myself by buying a cheap zip and sewing the fabric too close to the teeth. There are no photos of my split zip as I thought it would be too distressing for sewists to see.


I cut all the pattern pieces in the same direction due to corduroy having a nap. If you were to place two pattern pieces in opposite directions, you’ll find each piece will be a different shade. Having the front a different shade to the back isn’t a great look. I used some pretty floral cotton for the waistband facing to reduce bulk and lined the skirt to avoid horrible skirt clinging to tights scenarios. I wasn’t convinced by the patch pockets so left them out.


I’m hoping the corduroy washes ok as I er didn’t do a pre-wash such was my eagerness to get going on this. The skirt fits really well and has a very structured shape due to the heaviness on the corduroy. I love how it looks with grey tights. I know I’ll wear it a lot and the colour works with the rest of my wardrobe.

My next seasonal project is a wool jacket and I’m using a Burda for the first time. It’s one from a magazine so lots of tracing and adding of seam allowances awaits.  Fingers crossed the weather stays mild so I’ll get to wear it.

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2 Responses to Making more cake – New Look 6193

  1. Good luck with the Burda jacket. My friend has recently sworn off Burda because of the vague instructions. Their jacket and coat patterns are often really well cut, so it’s often worth the extra fuss in my opinion.

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