Time for tea dress – Vogue 9668 v2


This is my second make of Vogue 9668 first blogged about here. I decided to revisit the pattern to do some de-stashing and improve the fit . I used a soft medium weight cotton bought from Goldhawk Road. This time round I lowered the back neckline at the zip and tapered the sew line up to the shoulder seam. I made the back bodice slimmer by taking a few cms off the centre back. I also raised the waistline by chopping 1.5 cms off the bodice and 1cm from the top of the skirt.


End result? The weird gaping around the back neckline has gone and the bodice fits much better. It’s still a little high but I think that’s part of the retro design. I’ve had gaping issues at the back neckline before and now I know this is because I have a narrow back. I decided to leave the self-drafted cap sleeves so still can’t raise my arms. I left the skirt unlined as the main fabric was sturdy enough. I also hand sewed the hem. I had sworn not to do this again but it was a sunny day, perfect for sewing al fresco and wasn’t a chore at all.


Moving the waistline to where it should sit makes a big difference and it’s so much more comfortable on. I can now wear it and eat too. Which is a good thing as for its first outing I took it out to tea. And not any old common or garden tea but posh tea. Yup the whole shebang with fine china, dinky cakes served up in tiers and precision cut sandwiches.

The cake selection!

The cake selection!


Not a crust in sight

We went to the Four Seasons, Park Lane and this was my first posh tea. I must confess the sandwiches did it for me over the cakes.  My favourite was the cucumber with truffle cream cheese. But I have more of a savoury than sweet tooth. If you put a plate of crisps next to me you won’t see them for dust.

I’m pleased I gave this pattern another go and love the finished result. It’s the perfect tea dress.


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3 Responses to Time for tea dress – Vogue 9668 v2

  1. sylkotwist says:

    This is lovely and so clever to get the right fit for you. Just look how warm it is in your pics!!

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