Seeing spots

River Dart - Totnes

River Dart – Totnes

This summer I spent my holidays in the lovely South Devon market town of Totnes. The high street has lots of quaint little independent shops including a cat café and Stone Fabrics.

Cat cafe

On the job

On a break

On a break

Stone’s have an extensive range of dress fabrics and I came prepared with a list of fabrics I wanted to see. I fell in love with this chartreuse green polka dot laminated cotton shown here made into a raincoat. 

Green raincoat made by Pam -Stone fabrics website

I was very tempted but it was off list and I knew it’d just languish in a cupboard.  Stone’s do mail order too and have an easy to use website so you don’t have to traipse down to Devon. So what did I buy? A polka dot red jersey which will probably become a Renfrew and another polka dot in a soft fine cotton that I’ll use for a blouse. I’ve been on the lookout for drapey polka dot fabric so am thrilled to finally find some.


yummy polka dots

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