FO – Lisette Portfolio top 2245


Should FO stand for Finally Over? I think the gestation period of this top (Lisette 2245) is well over a year due to a lot of procrastination on my part. It got put on the back burner as other more exciting projects kept shouting “pick me, PICK ME”.

This is my second Lisette pattern and I’ve found the sizing to be pretty true to my RTW dress size (I cut a size 12) with none of the ridiculous amounts of ease that you usually find with the big 4 pattern companies.  I only made a small tweak to the pattern and took 2 cm off the under arm sleeve as the kimono sleeve was a bit on the roomy side.


I like the style of the top but I think I didn’t do the pattern or the fabric justice. You can’t see the seam detailing on the front due to the busy print. The Portfolio pattern really wants to be paired with a plain fabric or something less busy so you can see the neckband and panels. And the hexagonal print would be better off with a pattern that does not break it up, something like Colette’s Laurel. I tried to be clever and played around with the pattern placement of the front panels but it’s gone a bit weird. Other people have said they can’t see what the fuss is about but I get a twitchy eye every time I glance at that block of hexagonals on the right. 

SAM_2609   SAM_2607

Aside from that, I am surprised having sewn it up and tried it on, that I actually like the top. I was thinking of giving it away but decided it’s a keeper – sorry sis. My favourite features are the turned up sleeves and the button vent at the back. The fabric, a mystery one bought from Walthamstow market has a lovely drape. It’s quite warm on the skin so I’m guessing there’s a bit of wool in there. Just in time for Autumn then.

I will be giving the pattern another go but will choose a plainer fabric next time. Perhaps a blue chambray or polka dot voile?


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